Residential Services

Property Inspections

Most situations require an on-site inspection to determine the appropriate course of action for lasting results. When conducting an inspection we take in the whole environment, looking for signs of why and how animals are intruding or causing damage. Once completed, we provide a plan for resolving the problem permanently and  humanely, with an estimate of associated costs. Comprehensive reports are also available.

Animal Removal

We use a variety of humane techniques to remove animals – alive – from yards and structures, depending on the species and time of year. If dependent young are present, we take precautions to keep the family together and unharmed.  

Damage Repair

Once animals have been humanely removed alive, we can provide expert repair of damaged areas, like structural breaches in buildings. This is key to keeping animals out, for good. 

Wildlife-Proof Barriers

Our unique solutions can keep wild animals from accessing backyards, rooftops, lawns, orchards and gardens, ponds and pools. Whatever you want protected, we can figure out a way!

Carcass Removal and Odor Control

We locate, remove and dispose of animal carcasses up to 30 pounds, and on site burial of larger animals (marine mammals). 

Raccoon Latrine Cleanup

Raccoon feces can contain raccoon roundworm eggs that can cause disease in other animals and people if inhaled or ingested (more on Baylisascaris procyonis, HERE). We offer feces removal and clean up.

Animal Cleanup

We offer home and yard cleanup services, including brush removal, roof and gutter cleaning, feces cleanup, and full crawlspace and attic restoration. 

Group Consultations

Often, it’s not just one household experiencing problems with wild neighbors, but many.  We offer group consultations to help neighbors come together to resolve their wildlife conflicts.

Nationwide Consulting

If you’re too far away for an on-site visit or just need some direction, we offer phone and Skype consulting at $45.00 / 30 min.